the Stop Online Piracy Act is definitely not caricatured as a flying, brain-spattering superhero


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Adventures of SOPA-man, Indiscriminate Defender of Internet Copyright

Seriously, though, the Stop Online Piracy Act is actually kind of a big deal.

Obviously, this is a ridiculous caricature of how SOPA might actually operate. But then again, given how vague and uniformed the language of the bill is, it does enable a kind of legal share-bashing that can't intelligently distinguish between reasonable public conversation and outright piracy.

Anyway, in case you haven't done so already, I strongly recommend you do your own reading on SOPA and the Protect IP Act. I found this reddit article to be very informative, even if it is from a source with a stake in the issue.

Please, find a source you trust and read up. If we're pirates, then these are our seas they're legislating. Make sure you understand the changes that are being discussed.